From manufacture to commercialisation

Controlling all its activities

By privileging vertical integration from mineral selection to the sale of its products, CAREA® demonstrates its will to control all its activities. We have one objective: to guarantee our customers an exemplary level of quality.

CAREA® materials

CAREA® is a composite material containing 90 % mineral load.

R&D Laboratory

Our R&D laboratory continuously seeks to improve our CAREA® product quality, using new and ever more innovating mixes.
Our goal: to achieve a product that is more technical, more design, and more efficient.

CAREA® School

To bring you simple and personal answers we offer all our customers various training modules. Either held at our CAREA® School, or directly on site, these practical training modules allow you to better understand our different products while benefiting from theory presentations on technical references.


Our products are manufactured to very strict standards and precise and specific specifications, to offer a top quality finished product.

CAREA® Design office

It guarantees that each customer using CAREA® solutions is personally accompanied in matters of standards and sustainable development, regulatory, standard and technical watch, and in the installation of the products.


Thanks to our integrated sales force, our products are recommended to a wide audience, project owners, contractors and companies.