Sustainable development

Create responsibly, build durably

« Sustainable development » seems to have become cheap since it has been adopted by all builders and building material manufacturers. Nevertheless, for us « sustainable development » is far from being a trend. It is a major commitment, anchored to our history from the start. A commitment that our group lives every day, through a citizen and committed policy that places Man and Nature at the heart of our projects.
Our R&D laboratory is the spearhead of this culture, anticipating future environmental tends and seeking excellence through the complete control of the production line.

In fact, we strive to offer high performance products with a high level of architectural and environmental technicality. Thanks to our mastery of composite minerals we constantly make sure we limit our ecological footprint by analysing our natural resource consumption, but also by assessing our toxic emissions or our production of recycled or eliminated waste…
All this data is recorded on the environmental and health forms for each one of our products (FDES forms compliant with standard NF P01 010). A guarantee of data transparency, to demonstrate that our materials – the result of French know-how – are responsible, sustainable and meet the new challenges of HQE standards.