The group

CAREA group®: values at the service of our ambition

Leader in External Heat Insulation (E.H.I.), CAREA® group has put its 35 years of industrial experience at your service to offer you the best of innovation in facings, bathroom products and external paving.
Its strength? Industrial know-how in the field of composite mineral materials. A major actor on the market, CAREA® designs, manufactures and distributes its own patented products combining technicality, performance and design. With over 10 million m2 of installed façades and 3 industrial sites, the group
has a European dimension.

Design, reliability and robustness

Quality, performance, respect: these three values are probably what forged our identity and philosophy. Since our creation we have made sure we have kept in line with the fundamentals which are, in our opinion, a true brand value. Quality first, with CAREA®, a natural mineral that we seek to highlight by adding composite minerals. Then performance, with highly technical products that combine technicality, reliability and strength. Finally respect, because we are engaged in a strong and directive sustainable development policy to limit our ecological footprint and better meet tomorrow’s environmental challenges.

Made in Innovation

Behind CAREA® is a young, independent group that « brandishes ideas and creativity ». This wish to experience innovation on a daily basis is part of our DNA, as are our eco-virtuous solutions. Since our creation we have striven to offer excellent products, made in France, and always more innovating. We nurture this innovation culture within our Research & Development laboratory, the privileged area to optimise our products’ technical and aesthetic qualities.