Carea material

CAREA®, a natural material combining performance and beauty

Used in the building industry for over 35 years, CAREA® is a composite mineral material composed of over 90 % of mineral load, transformed by our R&D laboratory.

  • Exclusive materials developed by CAREA® Group.
  • A choice of textures, colours and formats: multiple possible combinations.
  • A wide range of products: from standard to the most technical products.
  • Creativity in the product offering.
  • Research laboratories that make it possible to constantly improve our materials.
  • Vertical integration from mineral selection to product commercialisation.
  • A constant search for innovation and development of our lines, hence the freedom in our product offering.
  • An eco-citizen approach: CAREA® products are the subject of an FDES declaration (Environmental and Health declaration).
  • Complete mastery of cladding, raincladding and surfacing systems.

Made in Innovation

Behind CAREA® is a young, independent group that « brandishes ideas and creativity ». This wish to experience innovation on a daily basis is part of our DNA, as are our eco-virtuous solutions. Since our creation we have striven to offer excellent products, made in France, and always more innovating.
We nurture this innovation culture within our Research & Development laboratory, the privileged area to optimise our products’ technical and aesthetic qualities.